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Lammerhuber is the bespoke type of Austrian photography publishing house Edition Lammerhuber. It is a contemporary take on the genre of the so-called American Grotesque, with a European twist to it. It is a versatile workhorse type that is used for everything from coffee-table books to the publisher’s website and mega posters.

The concept for the design of Lammerhuber emerged in collaboration with Martin Tiefenthaler, typographic adviser to the publisher. It was to replace Din, and the subjects of Edition Lammerhuber required a more textual approach. Knowing that the type would be mostly set justified, we opted for a slightly narrow design.

As the primary language of the client’s books is German, we chose a generous x-height and relatively small capitals to make the uppercase letters as unobtrusive as possible.

Whilst the initial commission for Edition Lammerhuber only comprised a core set of four styles, over the years the family has grown to eight finely graded weights in upright and italic. In the extension of the family we were supported by Sandrine Nugue and Sláva Jevčinová.



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