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Prima is a new type family for learning to read and write, commissioned by the Wiener Bildungs­server. Over the course of a couple of years Martin Tiefenthaler and Titus Nemeth developed this contemporary interpretation of established handwriting models as digital type.

In Prima, unconnected and cursive letterforms are closely related so that learners already know strokes and proportions when they advance from one style to the other.

A central principle of Prima is to allow for variation. The typeface offers multiple proven solutions, rather than a single prescriptive design, to guide pupils in the development of their own hand. Moreover, in the cursive style not all connections are compulsory. Whilst it offers exemplary joins as a model, interruptions at ergonomically sound positions are also shown.

The fonts are licensed with the open-source license CC BY-NC-SA 4-0, making them freely available for non-commercial use. The most recent version can be obtained from GitHub, where also the sources can be accessed, modified, and redistributed.



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